Details for Gazebo #2 & Area #3 @ Sinnissippi Park

Web Reg Available to:
Both Residents and Non Residents
Max Capacity: 140
Sun at 1:00A
Mon at 1:00A
Tue at 1:00A
Wed at 1:00A
Thu at 1:00A
Fri at 1:00A
Sat at 1:00A
Potential Fees:
Park Permit - NR Fees: $85.00  (Required)
Bounce House Fee Fees: $50.00  (Optional)
Applicable discounts not applied until payment screen and Taxes included in price.
This area has 15 tables in the picnic area with a capacity of 90-120 people. There are 2 tables and 4 benches in the Gazebo area with a capacity of 15-20. This area is across from the Maintenance Shop, which is where the bathrooms are located. Within walking distance to the Music Shell. Electrical located in picnic area, not in gazebo. Gazebo and parts of picnic area are fully accessible.

>>> Special use permits are required for any person wishing to use Rockford Park District property for purposes other than a picnic, requests which exceed shelter capacity, amplification or use of speakers for speaking or music, live entertainment, equipment items requested to come onto property (NOTE: bounce houses don't require a SUP, however standard administrative fees do apply), organized activities, events which are open to the public, weddings, and for reservations made during the off season (October 15 - April 15). Requests can be submitted after January 2 of the year in which the event will take place. All requests are taken on a first come, first serve basis. TO OBTAIN A SPECIAL USE PERMIT PLEASE CONTACT THE COMMUNITY SUPPORT EVENT COORDINATOR AT 815-987-1697. *** Water bounce houses, water balloons, dunk tanks, horses, animal rentals, and petting zoos are not permitted. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE WATER AT OUR SHELTERS BEFORE APRIL 15TH OR AFTER OCTOBER 15TH DUE TO THE CHANCE FOR FREEZING.

- Carry-in alcoholic beverages are prohibited in parks and facilities.
- Dogs are welcome but you are responsible to clean up after them. Dogs must be leashed at all times.
- To protect the health and safety of all, smoking is not permitted in Park District buildings and recreational facilities.
- No parking in posted areas.
- Firearms and weapons are not permitted in parks.
- Report any vandalism you see to Park Police at 815-987-8874.
Maximum days in advance facility can be reserved: (365)
Minimum days in advance facility can be reserved: (14)
Minimum reservation length in hours: (12)
Maximum reservation length in hours: (12)